Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meeting new people

My day began at 9:30 as I attended a session entitled "USING VIDEO TO PRESENT RESEARCH: CASE STUDY OF "THE VOICE" FOR TEACHERS COLLEGE RECORD.  The young woman, Melanie Hibbert who presented the research is from Columbia University.  I met her last night and we were conversing about the variations in culture from one country to another.  I found her research very interesting as she discussed the technology used at her university that allows one to imbed a video clip about their research within the webpage that discusses their work. The picture below shows myself, Melanie and Paula, an attendee from Canada. 

I also attended a session enttitled "WHAT NOW? WHAT NEXT? A NARRATIVE ANALYSIS OF CROSS-CULTURAL ADAPTATION AND COLLEGE STUDENT RETENTION.  As some of you may know I am a student senator for the university and retention is a major focus for our university and many other institutions.  The work was presented by Dr. Jason Martin with whom I spoke with after his presentation.  His work consisted of monitoring 245 students in a curriculum and communications course via writing samples.  Of his many statements, he hypothesized that maintenance of on campus student activities throughout the semester may aid in student satisfaction and resulting retention.